“Increase the Income of Your Next
Fundraising Banquet — GUARANTEED!!”

Discover the proven, step-by-step system
that has helped pregnancy centers and
pro-life groups raise over $24 MILLION

From: David Bereit & Shawn Carney

Dear Pro-Life Friend,

Are you concerned about how your pregnancy center or pro-life organization will weather these tough economic times?

The current financial crisis is taking a heavy toll on non-profit organizations and Fox News recently reported that as many as 100,000 non-profit organizations could be forced to close their doors over the next 12 months.

The Wall Street Journal documented how this situation creates an even greater difficulty for non-profit organizations: “When your mission is serving the needy, tough times can be doubly difficult: More people need help, but you have fewer resources.”

Pregnancy centers and pro-life organizations are needed now – more than ever because when the economy is down, women in crisis pregnancies are far more likely to consider abortion.

With everything at stake, it’s crucial to overcome the downward trend and maximize funding for your organization to ensure the success of your mission.

And the most effective way to accomplish that?

Master the Fundraising Banquet

Done correctly, a successful fundraising banquet can generate an enormous return on your investment of time, resources, and energy — and it can do more to ensure the success of your MISSION than any other fundraising effort.

We became believers in the sweeping impact a fundraising banquet can have by growing the income of our own small-town organization’s banquet to over $300,000 – raising 90% of our annual budget in just two hours.

But it wasn’t always like that.

In 2001, our banquet hit rock-bottom. Our attendance was down 21% from the previous year and the income dropped 30% to its lowest level ever – $24,350.

It felt like a complete failure. The staff was worried, and the organization’s entire mission was at risk.

However, in the months following that banquet, we stumbled onto a discovery that turned everything around.

We discovered the power of SYSTEMS.

It started while reading a business book – “The E-Myth Revisited” – that had nothing to do with nonprofit organizations or fundraising banquets. It was a study of why most small businesses fail, and what can be done about it.

The book identified that the most consistently successful small to mid-size businesses across the board were franchises — businesses like McDonald’s and Subway — that converted everything they did into turn-key proven systems that could be replicated over and over again, producing consistent results.

We immediately began to ask ourselves — would this work for our fundraising banquet? And if so, what areas of focus would we need to develop systems around?

We began to identify the key leverage areas with the greatest impact on the results of a fundraising banquet. We then worked to develop SYSTEMS that would maximize the opportunities of these growth areas.

After several years of learning, testing, setbacks, and adjusting – from 2001 to 2004 – we identified the seven most important growth areas and developed, implemented, and refined systems in each area.

Then things began working like clockwork.

Here are the exact results we experienced:

graphYear after year we saw the income increase – even in the midst of this down economy.

As our banquet began experiencing explosive growth, we started to get requests from other organizations to share with them what we were doing.

Over the last few years, we’ve shared some of our proven banquet strategies with over 2,300 other pro-life ministries, and received reports of more than $24 MILLION of new funds raised as a result.

In addition to the “Rave Reviews” on the right side of this page, here’s just one of the many examples:

Just wanted to say how fantastic the Banquet Success formula was in helping up to have the most successful banquet in our 20 years of existence! We had a very good speaker, but ultimately what brought in the huge number of people and the increase in pledges was definitely Banquet Success! Last year we had 381 people attend. This year we had 566 people attend. Amazing! We grossed $83,000 last year. This year after implementing Banquet Success, we grossed over $187,000! Glory to God!”

–Patty Becker, Pregnancy Resource Center (Pennsylvania)

Listen to Patty’s short case study of her $104,000 banquet increase (press play):

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As word of these results has leaked out, we’ve been inundated with calls, e-mails, and in-person requests for the rest of the turn-key fundraising banquet system we developed to multiply the results of our own banquet.

Here’s the challenge — like you, we run organizations every day. These ministries are growing by leaps and bounds right now, and the difficult reality is that we just don’t have the time to work one-on-one with every group that asks for our help.

However, due to the economic crisis our nation is facing, we understand that “to whom much is given, much is expected,” and we recognize our obligation to help as many ministries as possible.

That’s why we finally decided it was time to package up our knowledge and experience and get it “out there” in a way that everyone can benefit from.

Introducing: the Comprehensive
“Banquet Success” Training Program

Banquet Success fundraising training program

The Banquet Success training program is a new system specifically designed to help pregnancy centers and pro-life groups expand their fundraising banquet income by 25%… 50%… 100%… OR MORE!

The Banquet Success Training Program is…

  • A system that helps you effectively tell your organization’s story at the most crucial time of your year — your fundraising banquet
  • A turn-key systematic method of maximizing your banquet to draw as many people to the event as possible and empower them to donate as much funding as possible toward your mission
  • A self-paced, accessible training that will be available to you and your organization 24 hours a day, 365 days a  year — you’ll be able to fine tune yourself and your staff on every aspect of your banquet
  • Made for your banquet in your community, using simple systems that have been proven to work anywhere when properly implemented
  • Simple — follow the easy steps to acheive success, regardless of external circumstances — GUARANTEED!
  • A long-term system that can boost the results of your next banquet — and future banquets for years to come

The Banquet Success Training Program is for…

  • Pro-life organizations that are concerned about the current economic downturns
  • Ministries that conduct a fundraising banquet to raise support
  • Groups that are worried about funds but don’t have the money to hire development staff or put on more fundraising activities
  • Ministries that would like to raise a large portion of their budget in 2 hours so they can focus the rest of their time throughout the year on their mission
  • Organizations that aren’t happy with the growth or results they’ve had at past banquets
  • Leaders of pro-life groups who don’t want to become full-time fundraisers, but need simple and accessible systems to generate needed funds at their banquets

The training is broken down into seven sequential step-by-step training modules covering the seven key areas:


When you’re gearing up for a fundraising banquet, nothing can be left to chance. A successful result comes to those who carefully and methodically plan for it. If you fail to plan, you are automatically planning to fail.

Proper planning gives you the chance to optimize every opportunity for success, at each stage of the fundraising banquet process, long before the event happens. By making everything intentional, rather than accidental, you’re not just rolling the dice and hoping for success on the night of your banquet.

You are mapping out the exact steps that produce an inevitable result.

In Module 1, we will walk you through how each of the 9 steps of the Banquet Success planning process in detail, covering everything from your mission and goals to positioning, timelines, resources, roles, and tasks.

This planning will set the tone for your entire banquet and take the pressure off you because there is a strategy and a series of proven systems in place that generate results regardless of any external circumstances.

Shawn and David delivered many times over on their promises to tell us how to raise a lot more money to support our programs and mission. I’m happy to report that we exceeded our expectations by about $10,000!”

–Bill Carey, West Pasco Pregnancy Center (Florida)

Listen to Bill’s success report (press play):

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Most people think of underwriting as getting a handful of people to buy the meals, decorations, and invitations for the banquet to encourage other people to give.

While covering costs is certainly important, underwriting is much more than that. It generates the very first revenue related to your banquet each year and is fundamental to launching the fundraising process for the entire banquet.

Done right, underwriting establishes a proper giving atmosphere for everyone – before, during and after the actual banquet.

We’ll help you generate underwriting results at each of the five stages of the Banquet Success underwriting system to ensure that you have money in the bank before your banquet’s opening prayer is ever said.

Banquet Success was the best investment our center ever made! I can’t tell you how much it’s worth – had it not been for David and Shawn we wouldn’t have even had a banquet.”

–Clare Colamarino, Life Choices Women’s Center (Florida)

Listen to Clare’s success report (press play):

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The more people you have in the room at your banquet, the more people who will have an opportunity to take ownership in your mission by investing.

If people aren’t at your banquet, they simply cannot catch the whole vision.

A room filled with people who are excited about your organization creates tremendous momentum as attendees realize how many others in the community support your ministry.

In Module 3, we’ll help you maximize attendance using a targeted promotional sequence, fill the banquet using 5 primary streams of attendance, and connect with the widest possible audience by utilizing 6 key streams of communication.

We did TWO-AND-A-HALF TIMES more than any other fundraiser in the 25 years of doing our services saving human life! We had the largest turnout we’ve ever had. Would I tell anyone to use David and Shawn’s Banquet Success Training Program? 110% yes! It was tremendous — it worked.”

–Lori Green, Mother and Unborn Baby Care (Michigan)

Listen to Lori’s success report (press play):

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A strong and efficient program takes attendees by the hand and leads them through a step-by-step process that helps them understand:

  • Your mission and why it’s important
  • What the organization does to advance that mission
  • The impact your efforts are having and any significant accomplishments
  • How you are moving forward from here
  • Exactly how their financial support will help

We’ll help your program to be efficient and effective, by helping you implement each of the 14 components we’ve found to have the greatest impact on income at your fundraising banquet.

The decision to invest in David Bereit and Shawn Carney’s Banquet Success Training Program was a great decision. I would encourage anyone who is considering the Banquet Success training to make the investment — you will not regret it. The knowledge, experience and passion that David Bereit and Shawn Carney share is infectious!”

–Joanne Matters, Halton Pro-Life (Canada)

Listen to Joanne’s success report (press play):

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Do this one thing poorly, and the rest of your banquet is an uphill battle — especially the financial appeal. Do this well, and the appeal can be a piece of cake.

In Module 5, we’ll help you cast your vision and instill your mission by educating the audience, moving their hearts, and expanding their giving mindset.

There’s some advanced psychology involved in making this highly effective, and we’ll break it apart and make it very simple for you to get people fired up and ready to follow your lead.

Donations were increased nearly $30,000 over last year, primarily through many pledges. We are very grateful for this windfall. I would recommend Banquet Success for people who have already had banquets and those who are new.”

–Paula Westwood, Right to Life of Greater Cincinnati (Ohio)

Listen to Paula’s success report (press play):

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When conducting a fundraising banquet, keep in mind the words of Pat Reilly when he was coach of the Los Angeles Lakers basketball team:

The main thing to remember is to keep the main thing the main thing.

The financial appeal is the “main thing.” Securing funding is the primary reason you are having your event and everything must point towards the appeal.

We’ll coach you on how to most effectively invite people to support your organization’s mission with simplicity, passion, clear direction, and prayer.

We’ll also share some cutting-edge strategies we’ve learned about ramping up the effectiveness of our “two-tier” appeal system that increases both one-time gifts and monthly pledges at your banquet.

We were first nervous about investing donor resources into the Banquet Success program, however the training modules have given us a great deal of confidence as we’re making plans toward our April banquet. We’re following a program with proven success!”

–Sandy Czubiak, Life Services (Florida)

Listen to Sandy’s success report (click play):

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One area where we’ve seen many organizations leave thousands of dollars of potential funding on the table is in what they do — or don’t do — after the event.

Module 7 covers three areas of follow-through…

We’ll show you how to follow-through with the people who attended your banquet, recognizing that it’s much easier to keep your existing donors happy than to go out and find new donors.

We’ll share multiple strategies you can use for follow-through with those who were unable to attend the banquet — but who want to be a part and help advance your mission.

And finally, we’ll help you follow-through by reviewing your event’s results and setting the stage for an even bigger and better event next year.

How the Training Program
is Delivered to YOU

The Banquet Success training program is made up of the seven primary learning modules cited above.

Each training module consists of multiple components, including:

  • A core audio training session
  • Written transcript of the entire training session
  • Printed action guide that will help you apply what you learn
  • Implementation checklist
  • Any related templates, tools, letters, scripts, and recommended resources
  • Recorded audio FAQ (Frequently Asked Question) session
  • Topic-specific online discussion to ask questions and get answers

Private "members-only" web site gives you INSTANT ACCESS to your Banquet Success training

Your Banquet Success training program will be delivered to you in two easy formats …

In a few weeks, you will get a BIG BOX delivered to your front door (see everything included in the picture further up this page) containing sturdy three-ring binders filled with all of the step-by-step modules, action guides, transcripts, templates and tools.

In your box, you’ll also receive 20 audio CDs that are chock-full of every tip and strategy of the Banquet Success system — laid out in a simple, step-by-step format.

But you don’t have to wait ONE MINUTE to start learning how to maximize the results of your fundraising banquet!

When you register for the Banquet Success training program, you will be granted IMMEDIATE ACCESS to an easy-to-use, private “members-only” web site where you can instantly access the entire system online in a digital format.

Every tip, tool, and training session is already there, ready for you to listen, learn, and start increasing your banquet income.

You will be able to access the content from the comfort of your home or office — any time of day or night — wherever you have a computer connected to the Internet (all the content is optimized to be accessible even if you have a dial-up connection.)

Within five minutes, your organization can be on the road to the most successful fundraising banquet in its history, so get started now!

“What’s My Investment for
the Training Program?”

Between the two of us, we’ve had to personally invest well over $30,000 to gain the knowledge and skills needed to develop these Banquet Success strategies.

Additionally, we’ve invested heavily in the training systems and professional materials that make up the content of the coaching program – and the materials and technologies that enable us to deliver this training to multiple organizations at the same time from a distance.

We did this knowing that most groups could not afford to hire us to train them at our standard speaking rates of $2,500 – $3,000 for an hour. (And, to be honest, we don’t have time to do comprehensive one-on-one consultations due to our commitments running our own non-profit organizations.)

In this Banquet Success program, you’ll be getting dozens of hours of training from us and will get answers to all the questions you have about your fundraising banquet.

Some of the people who have been asking us to provide banquet training for years – and who know the value of the systems we’ve developed – suggested that we charge a minimum of $2,000 to $4,000 for the training.

But we just can’t do that in good conscience.

With the current state of the economy, we know that groups are struggling for survival and need every nickel their donors have provided them to further their missions.

And, like you, we are called to this important and noble work – and passionately believe in our shared mission to “speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves.”

So we developed ways to deliver our training via distance learning — through the box of training materials you will receive, the online “members-only” web site, and the Q&A calls – to keep the costs way down, and found that we could provide high quality information in a timely fashion at a MUCH lower price of just $697 per participating organization.

Compared to what professional fundraising consultants charge for their time — and the $30,000 we invested to develop the Banquet Success system — this is an enormous bargain.

Additional Exclusive Bonuses

To help make this program even MORE valuable, we’ve also decided to give you numerous additional bonuses when you register for the training program:

  • Two Q&A conference calls with both of us where we do our best to answer EVERY question that you might have about your fundraising banquet (Value: $500+)
  • Personal interaction with us via the online “members-only” web site discussion (Value: $250)
  • A bonus introductory training session that will provide you with the foundations and mindsets that will help to maximize the success of your next banquet (Value: $97)
  • Every template, script, letter, checklist, and tool we’ve developed and used with great results (Value: $750+)

Just these four bonuses are worth more than the entire investment in the Banquet Success coaching program… And you get them at NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE!

100% Guaranteed to Get Results

We know that your organization needs funds to pursue your vital mission, and we really don’t want you to be out any money for this coaching program. We want you to get results and end up with a windfall of new funds at your next banquet — or we don’t deserve your investment.

As a result, we decided to give you our famous two-part guarantee to make joining the coaching program 100% risk-free:

  • 60-DAY MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE: You get 60 days to test-drive the complete “Banquet Success” training program. It has to contain the best strategies to help boost your banquet to a whole new level of income – or we’ll give all your money back. No reason needed. No questions asked.
  • GUARANTEE OF RESULTS 10-TIMES YOUR INVESTMENT: Join the Banquet Success coaching program today. Go through all the training.  Implement all the systems in each of the seven areas. We GUARANTEE that you will raise an additional $5,000 or 10% more than last year’s banquet – whichever is more – or we’ll cut you a check back for every cent you invested in our training.

The burden is 100% on us:

You either are 100% happy with your
investment in the coaching program
— and make 10 TIMES your investment
back – or you don’t pay a nickel.

You can’t lose… and your ministry has everything to gain.

“OK, David and Shawn, I’m ready to get started!”

I am excited to maximize the results from my organization’s fundraising banquet, and understand that my investment includes the following:

  • 7 step-by-step Banquet Success training modules covering the topics listed above
  • 7 recorded FAQ sessions covering each of the 7 module topics listed above
  • Printed training guides for each of the 7 modules, delivered online
  • Audio recordings of the 7 training sessions, delivered online and on 20 audio CDs
  • Written transcripts of the 7 training calls, delivered online and in a sturdy three-ring binder
  • Implementation checklist for each of the 7 modules, delivered online and in print
  • Topic-related online discussion for each module of training content
  • All related templates, scripts, letters, and tools
  • And all the valuable bonuses listed above!

I understand the “Banquet Success” coaching program comes with a full, 60-day money back guarantee, where I can receive a full refund if I am not happy, and a guarantee of RESULTS 10 TIMES my investment.

My investment is risk free, and I’m ready to get started on making my next fundraising banquet a huge success!

Choose One Option:

Pay in Full at $697 (BEST VALUE)

Pay in 3 Easy Monthly Payments of $247


You can be assured this online transaction is 100% secure. After your information is received you will get an electronic receipt and instructions on getting started within just a few minutes. Immediately after processing your order, you will be taken to a private page to create a login for the private, “members-only” website where you can get INSTANT ACCESS to your training program while waiting for your system to be shipped to you.

Remember, we stand 100% behind the training we’re offering you. Within 60 days, if you decide you don’t like our program, just let us know and ask for your money back. Take advantage of this great opportunity now, and make up your mind later!

So, are you ready? Your successful fundraising banquet is waiting!

To Your Banquet Success,